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I know that feeling!
Yay! Played yesterday finally! Broke and all my equipment is about to break too. Time to earn some cash
Ugh, so stupid.
Now just waiting on update for 9/23 that was promised.
Especially two spinal fusions have fused 4 out of 8 of your discs in your neck.

With the decision this week to dissolve the HRC and request membership in the Dominion, this site will be come an open trading site, no longer hosting the same mix of discussion groups we've been used to.

Anyone who is a citizen of the former HRC should apply to the Dominion on their site. If you already have a gamerlaunch or guildlaunch you won't need a new login, just have to request membership in the Dominion, which you can do here

The coalroad will remain in place for trading and socializing with a variety of PFO players.

The "substantive Update" turns out to be over the horizon:

When we posted two weeks ago, if no announcement had been forthcoming, we expected to be able to provide greater detail about the state of negotiations as of yesterday - this is the "substance" we expected to provide.

The situation is complex and sensitive - we do not have an announcement to make today.

It is highly likely that additional information will be provided next week.

Matt Harris THO The additional information will be to check back in another 2 weeks.

Release Notes at Goblinworks


These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11.3. We plan on deploying a Final Candidate for 11.3 to the Test Server during Daily Maintenance on Friday, July 22.

What Will Be In This Release

This release includes several small bug fixes and balance improvements. One of the most noticeable changes is that encounters will now retain the same mobs for one hour after being spotted, making it more important to actually clear encounters rather than just walking away and hoping for better mobs the next time around. There are also now shrines in all of the pass hexes, to fill in some gaps where dying players sometimes were too far from a shrine and would wind up respawning in the middle of the hex. More logging was also added to help us track down the "can't find item" bug in the Auction Houses, and we plan to release additional server-side updates every few days with even more logging until we can finally narrow in on the cause of that issue.

Full Release Notes


  • Encounters will keep the same mobs for one hour after being spotted.
  • Escalations now naturally drop in strength at half their previous rate. Typical escalations will now take about 20 days to lose all of their strength, while home escalations will take about 30 days.
  • A bad 15m encounter site (not flat enough) was removed from hex 2,13. This site allowed smallholdings to be placed such that their fire was inaccessible.
  • Starter hexes no longer include a small percentage of goblins in their uneven encounters, though they still appear as a small percentage of the larger encounters. This guarantees that new players will always be able to find small groups of the target mobs for any tutorial quests.
  • Hexes -10,10 and -8,-4 now use the proper starter lists for encounters as other NPC hexes.
  • The encounters for some events in the Elemental Rift, Bonedancers, Razmiran Cultists and Skeletal Uprising Escalations were fixed to use the proper encounter sizes. In some cases, this was causing reports of trees floating above the ground.


  • Added shrines to all pass hexes.
  • Smoothed out multiple player traps, including several in player settlements where the retaining walls met the ground at the top of the walls.
  • Reduced steepness of road in -1,-6 so that it can be climbed.
  • Removed obsolete Attacker/Defender Shrines from multiple hexes.
  • Ground no longer pokes through the bridge in -10,17.

Auction House:

  • Additional logging added to help track down the "can't find item" issue.
  • The Pricing Window now includes information on the Lowest Price and the Highest Bid, so that information can be seen for the selected item while looking at tabs other than Market.
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain specific cases, the item list would change categories when selecting a Tier.


  • Company Membership and Leadership lists display correctly for companies in the same settlement.
  • There is a new setting to automatically sign in to the Help channel. If you like helping other players out, enable this setting to make sure you always get notified when someone's looking for help. Leave it disabled if you don't want to be notified. Like the Quality settings, this setting needs to be set separately for each machine.
  • Pasting text with return characters will only paste the text before the first return.
  • When any window determines that it doesn't need a scroll bar, it will automatically scroll back to the top. This should eliminate a large number of bugs where lists appeared empty.
  • Notifications appear in front of all other windows.
  • The Achievement Tab in the Objectives Window is now labeled Recent Achievement Progress, to make it clear that the list is of Achievements that are being worked toward, not Achievements that were recently received.
  • Elevation information is now included in the location tooltips.

Gathering: There are now T2 resources in the hexes around Marchmont.

Items: Unsupported Tokens no longer drop as loot.


  • Player Taverns in -20,5 and -22,-1 face the correct direction.
  • Silos in the Ranch Holdings don't float above the ground.
  • Fishery Holdings have functional banners for changing colors.
  • Fixed several cases where 1 or more doors at a crafting facility didn't function as a crafting door. Please report any exceptions found so they can be fixed as well.
  • Barrels at the Boutique no longer float above the ground.


  • The various tutorial kill quests are no longer available until after the associated training tutorial is completed.
  • The gathering tutorial is now available from just one Thornkeep Scout near town, rather than having a Scout at the camp for training each role.
Matt Harris THO Going live on Wednesday, July 27.
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